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About Us

The Sophia Centre Press is dedicated to scholarly publishing on humanity’s relationship with the cosmos. It was founded in 2009 as part of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s spin-out business programme and is associated with the University’s Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology and Culture in the Faculty of Humanities and the Performing Arts. The Sophia Centre’s outreach page can be found here.


The Press publishes academic work which fulfils the Centre’s academic goals, which are ‘to pursue research, scholarship and teaching in the relationship between astrological, astronomical and cosmological beliefs and theories, and society, politics, religion and the arts, past and present’ and to ‘to undertake the academic and critical examination of astrology and its practice’. The Press supports scholarship, education, conferences and academic networking in the subject area.

On a wider level the Press is concerned with the study of cosmology in culture, including cultural astronomy and astrology. We define cultural astronomy as the ‘study of the application of beliefs about the stars to all aspects of human culture, from religion and science to the arts and literature’. It includes the new discipline of archaeoastronomy – the study of astronomical alignments, orientation and symbolism in architecture, ancient and modern. Astrology, meanwhile, is ‘the practice of relating the heavenly bodies to lives and events on earth, and the tradition that has thus been generated’. The field is wide and may include the use of ritual calendars, the history and development of the horoscope, the artistic or literary impact of astronomy, religious conceptions of the stars or philosophical contexts of modern cosmology.

We welcome enquiries and submissions of post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral research and conference proceedings for consideration. Suitable approaches may be historical or contemporary, anthropological, sociological or philosophical.

Executive Director

Dr Nicholas Campion

Nicholas Campion is Director of the Sophia Centre, University of Wales, Trinity St David, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology, History and Anthropology, and course director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. His books include A History of Western Astrology (London: Continuum, 2009) and Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions (New York: New York University Press, 2011).

Creative Director

Dr Jennifer Zahrt

Jenn Zahrt, PhD, an editor, author, and philosopher of astrology. Her areas of academic speciality include: Germanics; cultural history of astrology; hermeneutics; intellectual history; literature, cinema, and narratology; and the cultural history of science, especially in relation to literature and film. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Kepler College in Seattle, WA.


Kathleen White

Kathleen White is a writer, editor and researcher with a background in academia, journalism, PR, corporate communications, business management and education. She holds a BSc in classical piano performance and art history and a PgDip in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. Her areas of interest include cultural cosmology and astrology, intellectual history, classical music, sound and music in ritual magic, energetic herbalism and bodywork practices.


Dr Alexander Cummins

Al Cummins is an editor, historian, poet, and philosopher of magic. His work focuses on early modern astrology, grimoires, folk magic, necromancy and love sorcery. He has written on millenarianism and the occult philosophy of time, the material history of amulets, herbalism and spirit conjuration, and magical approaches to the emotions. His first book was The Starry Rubric: Seventeenth-century English Astrology and Magic (Hadean Press, 2012).

Web Designer

Lara Boshoff

Lara Boshoff is a researcher, writer, web artisan and independent publisher. As an occasional student of the Sophia Centre, her involvement in the field continues as team member on the UNESCO Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy, helping to create awareness of our tangible and idea-based astronomical heritage.

Book Designer

Joseph Uccello

A deep regard for the patterns of nature and how they are expressed by human beings informs the art of Joseph Uccello. Designer of our Sophia Centre Master Monograph series, he obtained a BA in English literature from San Francisco State University and currently works as a freelance book designer and illustrator. His work has been published by Ouroboros Press, Fulgur Limited, and Three Hands Press, among others.


Marcia Butchart

Marcia Butchart is an affiliate of the MA in Cultural Cosmology and Astrology, and an editor based in Seattle, WA.





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